Wishe a.k.a. Tehoronhiahte meaning in Kanienké:ha «He is the Blue Sky» is a proud father of two children borned and raised in Kanehsatà:ke according to traditional values. After a successful career in the industry of bicycles and in the cycling milieu at elite level  Wishe was looking how he could have  quality time with his Kids who were Powwow dancers at the time. Singing iroquois social songs for some years will make the switch to powwow style easier, definitely the choice was obvious; that was the path to follow. Consequently the drum group RedTail Spirit Singers was created and began its journey in Kanehsatà:ke in 2004; the name was inspired by his son’s regalia because the bustle was made of Talons and Feathers from a red tail hawk.

After more than 30 years on the powwow trail, several hundred thousands of kilomètres, more than 500 songs in his mind Wishe still  passionate about it. He makes sure to keep the focus on the original mission. At every opportunity he will repeat this basic leitmotiv: with Respect, Love, Honesty, Courage, Humility, Work and Education come Wisdom, Freedom and Happiness.