Mission accomplished!

After countless hours of hard work and a daunting challenge met successfully by our small but mighty team, we can proudly say “mission accomplished!” for the 2018 Canada-Morocco Intercultural Project.

For 10 days, we experienced an inspiring adventure centred on music, cultures and human sharing with talented and passionate musicians who gave their best for the success of this project on Canadian soil.


A New Partnership

We are particularly pleased with our partnership with the Festival des traditions du monde de Sherbrooke. Their committed and dynamic team put in place all the necessary elements for the realization and the success of this collaboration between Canada and Morocco.

Sessions filled with authenticity and beautiful moments!

RedTail Spirit Singers et Sacred Wolf Singers

For four days, the musicians gathered in a rehearsal space not far from the festive hubbub. It only took a few hours for a palpable complicity to settle between the musicians of Daraa Tribes, RedTail Spirit Singers, Simon Denizart and Sacred Wolf Singers.

Mustapha Aqermim et Simon Denizart

Together they worked intensively on the creation of songs which were presented to the public at the closing show of the Canada-Morocco musical residence.

A Unifying Theme

Without having discussed it beforehand, each group had identified a musical piece on the theme of the “mother.” Daraa Tribes with Maya and RedTail Spirit Singers-Sacred Wolf Singers-Simon Denizart with Ogichidaa ikwe, a musical piece about the “brave heart woman.” A unifying theme that everyone could relate to.

Solo performances and workshops

In addition to collaborating on original songs, each group also performed solo performances throughout the festival as well as participate in workshops where the public were able to interact with them.

A Whirlwind of Colours

We also have to mention traditional and contemporary Indigenous dancers — Jason Gullo Mullins, Benjamin Wawatay, Warren Papatie and Mike Wade (grass dancer) — who delivered spectacular performances!

Through their dances, they shared with a captivated audience their culture, worldview and spirituality.


Our stay at the FTMS was also filled with magical and spontaneous moments.

Inevitably, as soon as the word pause was mentioned, we found Benjamin, one of the dancers, at the guitar interpreting his favourite tunes.

Meanwhile, Tee Cloud of Sacred Wolf Singers wowed us with his dazzling card tricks. To date, none of us have figured out how he did it.

The highlight in Sherbrooke was without a doubt their closing performance, the fruit of their collaboration from the musical residence between Canada and Morocco, presented for the first time to an eager public.


Lights, Camera, Action!

With fresh memories etched in mind, we left Sherbrooke for Montreal where cameras and a recording studio were waiting for a special project with Akawui, Simon Denizart and Daraa Tribes.

Wait to see the results of their work and make sure to follow Akawui’s Facebook page.

Solo Show at Balattou

Our stay in Montreal concluded with Dara Tribes performing a solo show at Club Balattou in an intimate and friendly setting where the public experienced a fusion of ancestral tribal music and Saharan Blues.


Standing Ovation for the Collaboration

On August 17, by the shores of Lake Ontario, RedTail Spirit Singers and Sacred Wolf Singers along with dancer Matthew Rutledge and Daraa Tribes officially opened the weekend’s festivities of the 17th Annual Small World Music Festival on Harbourfront’s big stage.

The musicians offered festival goers a glimpse of what had been done in Sherbrooke by performing one of the musical pieces from their collaboration. A well-deserved standing ovation followed.

In the Meantime

In retrospect, we are extremely delighted with the success of the 2nd edition of our intercultural project One Sun Shines on Everyone.  We would like to thank all the people who contributed directly or indirectly to the realization of this project which is a bridge between cultures. A huge thank you!

We currently have new project ideas in development and we hope to be able to share more information with you in the coming months.

Stay tuned to learn more!