One Sun Shines on Everybody – Intercultural Project


Through music and the arts, we develop intercultural exchanges between groups of musicians from different cultures and countries. We establish favourable conditions to help them explore each other’s know-how, customs and cultural heritage.

We create awareness and encourage intercultural communications while building meaningful and lasting partnerships along the way.

Interaction is at the heart of our projects. It is important to demonstrate that these exchanges can make positive contributions to the development as well as the creativity of participating communities.

Culture is one of the fundamental elements in the affirmation of a community—and we aspire to contribute to it.

The musical exchange provides participants with opportunities to share ideas, strategies and successes; the possibility of building lasting friendships; and a greater appreciation of their diversity.

Our approach is based and characterized by three fundamental and interconnected elements:

  • Exchange: An act imbued with the desire to share and learn from each other
  • Culture: What distinguishes us from one another by our way of life, traditions and customs but also something that can be shared with others
  • Change: To become the facilitators of changes we wish to see around us


  1. To establish a flagship partnership.
  2. To provide an opportunity for both nations to meet, showcase and share ideas.
  3. To organize an intercultural forum that brings together people with a common interest while creating new opportunities in the process.
  4. To contribute to preserving their roots and traditions.
  5. To facilitate networking.
  6. but foremost create meaningful and impactful human relationships.

It is meant as a bridge, a key element for the integration, education and active collaboration of musicians who will share their similarities.

We want these exchanges to be a catalyst for change and innovation. Such exchanges contribute to the development of everyone, both at the personal, professional and social levels.


Faouzi Metouilli

Faouzi is a graduate of Mohammed V University with a BA in International Economic Relations. He also completed a Degree in Economics at York University as well as other related courses in Human Resources. He has more than 20 years of experience in administration, human resources and international relations.
More about Faouzi Metouilli

  • He is currently President of the Moroccan Association of Toronto
  • A member of the Executive at CHOQ-FM – French community radio
  • Member of the Network of MRE Experts in climate environment and climate change
  • Member of the Executive with the French consultative committee of the Toronto Police Service

In addition, a former delegate at the Moroccan Congress of Canada between 2011 and 2014.

Laura Sky

In 1980, after eight years at the National Film Board, Laura Sky began her career as an independent film director and producer. She established SkyWorks in 1983. Her work is widely known and acknowledged both here at home and throughout the world, as evidenced by the many awards and citations her films have received.
More about Laura Sky

She has taught film at Queens, York, and Ryerson Polytechnic Universities and has lectured extensively throughout Canada, and in Germany and Sweden. Laura has also worked as a freelance journalist and researcher for both radio and television current affairs programs.

In 1986 she received a Woman of Distinction award from the YWCA of Metropolitan Toronto for her contribution to arts and letters in June 2005.

In June 2005, Laura received an Honorary Doctorate of Letters from Laurentian University for her achievements as one of Canada’s most distinguished documentary filmmakers. A socially committed creative artist, Laura Sky has made her personal vision of filmmaking a vibrant and popular reality.

Johane Germain

Johane Germain is a communication consultant, specialized in rural development. After 30 years of career at the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in the Mauricie region in Quebec, Johane retired and has been solely devoting her time to the development of her community. Her volunteer work consists of promoting the artisans who live her community and their remarkable contribution to the well-being of everyone.
More about Johane Germain

Her philosophy revolves around the people in the community and for them. She developed a project called “Rural Newness”, which was evaluated by scientists before being presented to the people in her community along the Batiscan River. In 2005, she decided to go to Italy to meet some of the tutors at the University of Gastronomic Sciences at the Slow Food headquarters in Bra. It is there that she presented her community and collective project on increasing biodiversity in her community. Thus, was born the convivium Slow Food Valley of the Batiscan, an offshoot of an international organization comprised of 100,000 members in 154 countries on 5 continents. The Slow Food movement is fighting the growing indifference of citizens to their food and the consequences of their food choices on the rest of the planet.

She chairs a participatory governance body, composed of professors-researchers in environmental education, tourism, culture and leisure, farmers, and landscape lovers.

She produced a short film called – A tout bout d’champs…des gens de rivières.

Johane has also been a member of the executive board of directors of the Société d’aménagement du bassin de la Batiscan (SAMBBA) since 2008.

She co-authored the project – Batiscan; Valley of dreams, valley of hope – a rural laboratory specializing in sustainable development and part of the national policy on rurality.

She initiated and still actively participates in the Association québécoise pour la promotion de l’éducation relative à l’environnement, la formation écocitoyenne Bon, propre et juste, which closely collaborates with the Department of Dietetic of CEGEP of Trois-Rivières.

Her office is made of local hemp and serves as a prototype for training in eco-construction.

She supervises international internships in tourism, culture and heritage. She is working on the recognition of “Cultural Landscape and Heritage” for the Batiscan Valley.

Prizes and recognition:

  • Provincial Finalist – Prix Porteur d’Espoir 2011 awarded by the organization Jour de la terre.
  • Volunteer Award – Québec 2012 National Assembly of Québec
  • Member of the group Mauricienne d’influence
  • President and Founder of Heritage Valley of the Batiscan and Slow Food
  • Convivium Batiscan Valley
  • Radio-Canada columnist “Chez-nous le matin” program 2012
  • Delegate for Canada at Slow Food International Congress – Turin Italy 2012
  • Administrator, Société d’aménagement du bassin de la Batiscan (SAMBBA)
  • Administrator Terr-O-Nostra, Environnement