Joey is an Inuk man from the small community of Kuujjuaq in Québec. He was raised in Kuujjuaq by his grandparents. Being raised by his grandparents, Joey was exposed to a lot of traditional ways which still very much follow him today. Joey can speak 3 languages: Inuktitut, French and English.  Being able to communicate in these languages has given him many opportunities such as doing voice overs and radio commercials for Taqramuit Nipingat Inc. the Inuit regional broadcasting company. Joey is also gifted musically and can play many instruments as well as sing in his mother tongue.

A very important skill that was passed down to Joey from his grandfather was the ability to carve in the way Inuit have done for hundreds of years.  In the past 4 years, Joey has been living in Montréal, Québec with his family where they started their own company called Original Killer Apparel. They create a wide variety of Inuit inspired modern clothing and crafts that can be seen being worn by many Inuit people all over the Inuit regions. One of Joey’ s greatest passions is drumming with RedTail Spirit Singers. He is the newest band member and joined in 2015.

Joey is a family man, kind and helpful. His greatest wish is to see his Inuit people thrive and succeed to overcome the many obstacles they face with the changing modern world around them.