The artist booking service of Marchande d’idées is committed to make your events into unique and unforgettable moments with talented artists from Canada and abroad.

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Our Artists


Akawui is a singer-songwriter of Chilean Indigenous background. His unique life experiences and deep connection with his Amerindian- Chilean heritage have inspired Akawui`s unique musical blend.

Ahmed Ag Kaedy (Amanar de Kidal)

Originally based in Kidal, a town in the heart of the Adrar des Ifoghas mountain range, in the extreme north-east of Mali, the group Amanar has developed its own variant of the desert blues.

Los Variants

Los Variants is the brain child of Vince Maccarone; this 7 piece super multicultural collective combines elements of Jazz, AfroFunk, Cuban and Middle Eastern melodies to create a seamless mosaic of international groove.

Wu-sen & the Fam

The raw sound of Wu-sen & the Fam is the result of a vibratory alchemy that puts you in a transcendent state, where the unlikely mix of origins and musical universes, offers a colourful, unusual and cheerful costume.