Would you like to collaborate or develop a partnership?

La Boîte interculturelle welcomes proposals for musical project, collaboration and/or partnership.

Projects such as collaborations and/or partnerships are now being handled by our sister organization La Boîte interculturelle.

We still welcome proposals for music and art projects.

Whether you are

  • a musician looking for a musical and cultural adventure
  • a festival wishing to develop a new partnership, or
  • an organization wanting to work with us on a short, medium or long term project,

we are interested in hearing from you so we can discuss possible ways to collaborate and/or enter into a partnership.

La Boîte interculturelle promotes the development of projects that expand the scope of possibilities and focuses on exchanges between musicians and citizens while allowing them to be agents of change in their community and elsewhere.

Successful projects require high level of support from all involved members. To get there, La Boîte interculturelle puts the emphasis on the following criteria:

  • A collective will for success and an ongoing commitment
  • Ability to meet plans and deadlines
  • Sufficient organizational capacity
  • Effective communications
  • Flexibility to adapt and react to changes

Contact Us

For more information, please contact us using our Facebook page. Your contact information will only be used to track your request.