Nathalie Lévesque

Nathalie Lévesque

President and founder of Marchandes d’idées interculturelles Inc.

About Marchande d’idées interculturelles

Founded in December 2016, Marchande d’idées interculturelles inc. aims to develop intercultural exchanges between different communities in order to raise public awareness of their benefits, foster dialogue and create sustainable partnerships.

Art & Cultural Projects Management

  • Definition, design and direction of activities for project development.
  • Coordination and time management while making sure that your goals and objectives are being kept throughout the process.
  • Budget management
  • Ensures execution by closely monitoring the project progress in order to meet the planned schedule and deliverables deadlines.

Highly skilled in decision making, leadership skills, contract negotiation and conflict resolution, MDI offers complete project management services according to the highest ethical principles with a focus on art and culture.

About Nathalie Lévesque

Nathalie Lévesque, president and founder of Marchandes d’idées interculturelles Inc. is part of a new trend of women entrepreneurs.

She grew up in rural Québec where she graduated in literature and languages. She moved to Toronto and pursued her
studies in communication and human resources at the University of Toronto.

Nathalie has acquired a wealth of skills and knowledge in the arts and culture sectors. She has spent more than 13 years managing negotiations with independent record companies in Canada, the United States and Europe. Her professional background also includes ten years in documentary production, contract negotiations and conflict resolution.

Nathalie has an incredible passion for creative arts. A deeply ingrained part of her character is her innate commitment to grassroots and community projects.

In a very short time, Nathalie has established a vast network of contacts with the private, governmental and public sectors and has created an interesting network for the development of intercultural exchanges here and abroad.

These personal cornerstones also mean that she has an unending curiosity about other cultures and the human condition – and she has travelled far and wide to further the depth of her knowledge.

This commitment to lifelong learning means that Nathalie never stops expanding her abilities and horizons.


“Elle l’avait rêvée, Nathalie Lévesque, cette rencontre musicale, au milieu des dunes du Sahara…avec le Pow-wow des peuples autochtones du Québec… Alors trois hivers plus tard, quant à force d’acharnement et de travail, cette scène improbable s’est matérialisée par magie au cœur de la nuit, au Festival Taragalte, fallait la voir pleurer de bonheur la Marchande d’idées interculturelles. Les milliards d’étoiles de la voûte céleste se reflétaient dans ses larmes de joie : elle l’avait rêvé, et son rêve se réalisait, contre toute attente. Le futur appartient aux rêveurs ! Chapeau Nathalie !”

—Robert Dray, Very Good Music , Agitateur culturel, Music Lover, France