Ce qu’ils ont dit sur le court-métrage Résonance culturelle

Un projet tellement inspirant, le partage, l’amour intercontinental, la sagesse des ancêtres, la rencontre, la musique, la danse… bravo Akawui Riquelme. C’est vraiment émouvant.

– Jade Grabiele, danseuse professionnelle en danse brésilienne

What they said about the short documentary Cultural Resonance

How amazing!! loved it!! music spectacular and so fricking fantastic that Nathalie and the groups and most of all that she realized all of this. I remember the first day we spoke about it. Congratulations!! thanks so much for sharing the piece. Beautiful! Phyl

–Phyllis Ellis, Director/Writer/Producer

I just got a chance to watch this and it’s SO cool. Congrats to you and Nathalie. What an amazing experience. Thank you for sharing it.

–Catherine Legge, Producer, Director, Writer

The film is fabulous. What an accomplishment. Congratulations. I’m so “proud to know ya”. One thing more. The number of hours organizing and putting this wonderful performance together must have been staggering. Too bad it could not be seen world wide. This must have challenged your artistic, intellectual and managerial skills to the limit. I can’t imagine being able to do it.

–Andrew King, professor emeritus at LSU, formerly the Hopkins Chair of Communication, Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Ellen King

This is a beautiful spiritual journey and musical cultural collaboration! We love you and are always impressed with your musical and life journey! We are so fiercely proud of you Tee Cloud!

– Christina Kharem, New York


– Vasti Jackson, American electric blues guitarist, singer, songwriter and record producer

You are to be congratulated for your perseverance and commitment to such a worthwhile endeavor. The project just keeps building and attaining new achievements. Keep up the good work.

–Peter Oswald, New York

In the deepening dusk the storm clouds passed and the city lights grew brighter, as the music started up at Harbourfront’s outdoor stage. More people came, drawn by the mesmerizing rhythms and stirring voices of Daraa Tribes and RedTail Spirit, until the seats were filled and the audience was swaying and dancing in the aisles! * It was a special experience to witness the Toronto debut of this dynamic collaboration in their first Canadian tour, and the magnificent setting of an intimate venue backlit by Canada’s biggest city made it even more so. A magical night!

* Marchande d’idees was created with the express purpose of creating such unique cross-cultural opportunities, and Nathalie Lévesque has worked tirelessly and with great tenacity to make this show possible. As a personal friend, I was especially proud to witness her amazing success.

–Suzanne Leonard, Pelmorex Media

We saw the entrancing collaboration of RedTail Spirit and Daraa Tribes at Toronto’s Harbourfront with the Small World festival. It was exhilarating to feel the emotional hum of people being drawn in by RedTail Spirit’s beats and voices – along with the sight of traditional dancing. Daraa Tribes played cool, hypnotic and mesmerizing electric Saharan blues – amazingly rich African vocals with stinging guitar and traditional percussion. The performance of a recent collaboration between the two groups was an exciting surprise with which to end the show – great to see two rich musical cultures perform together in a seemingly effortless way. Thank you to Nathalie Lévesque for bringing these talented people together.

–Michael Wood

Congrats on the show last night. I loved it:) Enjoy Toronto!!

–Vox Sambou

C’est une excellente idée.. concrète et fiable pour plus d’art, de culture et de partage et moins d’haine entre les peuples.

–Mohamed Imzilne

Très belle prestation musicale, bel échange culturel et solidaire entre le Maroc et le Canada.

–Faouzi Metouilli. Président AMDT

Une rencontre qui nous change un peu, changer le monde une note à la fois.

–Johane Germain

Truly a wonderful, tight, strong, energetic performance. By chance I was just passing by in front of Balattou when Nathalie just grabbed me and pulled me in through the doors!

–Kuljit Sodhi

Félicitations à toi bâtisseuse de ponts culturels et bonne continuation.

–Issa Dicko

Merci infiniment à l’équipe Marchande d’idées interculturelles inc pour votre courage, aide et l’accompagnement vers la célèbre mondial de ces merveilleux jeunes musiciens marocains. Je vous souhaite que du succès mes chèrs amis et merci de nous faire rêver ce matin avec des chansons purement sahraoui a CHOQ FM.

–Aimad, animateur et formateur en hygiène et sécurité d’environnement

Le concert de Montréal a été magnifique avec une puissance et une énergie nomade extraordinaire. Je vous souhaite d’aller loin. Vous le méritez. Je suis un grand fan de votre musique et vous serez toujours les bienvenus au Québec et au Canada. Ce fût un plaisir immense de vous avoir rencontré. A bientôt!

–Sébastien Nègre, coordonnateur du Festival Nomade