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Testimonials - What they said about us

Both Small World and Marchande d’idées create and present art that speaks to an increasingly cross-cultural world; we created the groundwork for exchanges that we can learn from by embracing the differences and similarities of each other.

Alan Davis

Executive Director, Small World Music Society, Toronto, Canada

You are to be congratulated for your perseverance and commitment to such a worthwhile endeavor. The project just keeps building and attaining new achievements. Keep up the good work.

Peter Oswald

New York

Marchande d’idées was able to bridge the gap between two worlds through art and music. This helps strengthen human connections and creates a platform that fosters peace, trust and other human values between the two countries Morocco and Canada. We are in need of a multitude of this kind of initiatives to strengthen the global culture exchange and dialogue.

Abdel Tahir

Technologist, CEO of AdelphaTech

How amazing!! loved it!! music spectacular and so fricking fantastic that Nathalie and the groups and most of all that she realized all of this. I remember the first day we spoke about it. Congratulations!! thanks so much for sharing the piece. Beautiful!

Phyllis Ellis

Director, Writer & Producer


Vasti Jackson

American electric blues guitarist, singer, songwriter and record producer