Successful 2nd Edition
Successful 2nd Edition

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Premiere of the short-documentary “Résonance culturelle” in Morocco

This short-film offers a real sense of celebration and shows that through intercultural exchanges we can strengthen the cultural ties […]

Successful 2nd Edition of the Intercultural Project “One Sun Shines on Everyone”

Mission accomplished! After countless hours of hard work and a daunting challenge met successfully by our small but mighty team, […]

Musical Residency – Meeting of Cultures

After a successful first Intercultural Project in Morocco in October 2017, Marchande d’idées will offer —in partnership with the Festival […]

Intercultural Exchange (Canada-Morocco 2018)

In partnership with the Festival des traditions du monde de Sherbrooke - A new edition of our intercultural exchange project will take place from August 10-12, 2018 between Daraa Tribes and Red Tail Spirit.

Testimonials - What they said about us

Both Small World and Marchande d’idées create and present art that speaks to an increasingly cross-cultural world; we created the groundwork for exchanges that we can learn from by embracing the differences and similarities of each other.

Alan Davis

Executive Director, Small World Music Society, Toronto, Canada

Nous croyons que ce type de projet contribuera à l’élargissement des frontières et permettra également aux citoyens de tous les horizons de vivre une expérience valorisante et enrichissante sur le volet culturel.

Malika Bajjaje

Directrice générale, Festival des traditions du monde de Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada

Marchande d’idées was able to bridge the gap between two worlds through art and music. This helps strengthen human connections and creates a platform that fosters peace, trust and other human values between the two countries Morocco and Canada. We are in need of a multitude of this kind of initiatives to strengthen the global culture exchange and dialogue.

Abdel Tahir

Technologist, CEO of AdelphaTech

Je félicite Marchande d'idées interculturelles pour le projet effectué exceptionnellement à M’Hamid El Ghizlane au Maroc et qui avait pour but de rapprocher les deux musiques marocco-canadienne dans le cadre d'un échange de culture et de vivre ensemble. En tant que président de l'Association marocaine de Toronto et conseiller sur ce projet, j'appuis et je soutiens fortement les projets futurs de Mme Nathalie Lévesque.

Faouzi Metouilli

Président, Association marocaine de Toronto, Toronto, Canada

Exchanging two different rhythms: A traditional drum group - RedTail Spirit Singers from Canada and Generation Taragalte from the Moroccan Sahara, was a hard task. Yet, the result makes it clear to me that indeed music is a language spirits can communicate with.

Abdellah Azizi

Azifoto,Ouarzazate, Morocco