About the Project

The 2018 intercultural project between Canada-Morocco, which consists of pairing groups of musicians from different origins and musical background, will focus on a new collaboration and initiative this year.

The collaborating groups will be Daraa Tribes, whose members represent five different tribes from the Drâa Valley in southeastern Morocco, and Red Tail Spirit, which will be composed of three new musicians for the occasion. Together, they will participate in a three-day musical residency during the Festival des traditions du monde de Sherbrooke.

In the span of a few days, musicians will draw on their own experiences and cultures to create a musical piece to be presented on the last day of the Festival.

Festival-goers will witness a real mix of culture through music and workshops offered by each group.

This part of the project is in partnership with the Festival des traditions du monde de Sherbrooke

This year—in addition to the collaboration—Marchande d’idées is offering the guest group Daraa Tribes exceptional opportunities to share their culture and musical heritage in Canada’s two largest cities, Montréal and Toronto.

These two events—a show at legendary Club Balattou, birthplace of the International Festival Nuits d’Afrique, and another one at the 17th Annual Small World Music Festival—will allow people to discover an eclectic musical sound fusing the ancient tribal music of southern Morocco and desert blues.

Drum Group – Red Tail Spirit

Wishe Tremblay – Founding member of RedTail Spirit Singers
Akawui Riquelme-Catalan – Singer-songwriter and member of RedTail Spirit Singers
Simon Denizart (special collaboration) – Pianist and composer
Tee Cloud (special collaboration) – Founding member of Mi’kmaq drumming group Sacred Wolf Singers
Julian Wells (special collaboration) – Member of Mi’kmaq drumming group Sacred Wolf Singers
For the occasion, the group is accompanied by the following Indigenous dancers: Jason Gullo, Warren Papatie, Mike Wade, and Benjamin Wawatie.

Founded in 2004, Red Tail Spirit made its debut in Kanehsatà:ke from a very modest idea of offering options to youth through singing, drum and dance workshops as well as all activities related to the pow wow.

Their mission is to sing and demonstrate that with wise choices, sustained effort and positive attitude, the results will be convincing.  RedTail Spirit Singers has performed extensively across Canada, the United States and Europe for pow wow, conventions and festivals.

In 2012, alongside twenty other musicians from around the world and under the musical direction (and composition) of Katia Makdissi-Warren, the group participated in the concert Musiques transes du Moyen-Orient et d’Amérique du Nord combining and harmonizing four different styles.

In 2015, they also participated in the opening ceremony of the Pan American Games Indigenous Pavilion in Toronto.

In March 2017, at the invitation of the High Commission of Canada in Trinidad and Tobago, the band offers a performance where their music is merged with Trinidad’s drums (steel pan). At the end of the same year, the group took part in a five-day musical residency in the Sahara Desert in Morocco, a project initiated  by Marchande d’idées interculturelles in collaboration with Taragalte under the Stars and with the support of the Embassy of Canada in Morsoancco.

Music that speaks!

Do you know that there are more than thirty-five (35) categories of pow wow songs?

Indeed, thousands of songs performed at pow wow have their own code, with words in the nation or society’s language from which the song originates; very often this is executed with vocables.

Perhaps you have noticed that the rhythm and the tempo change according to the purpose of the song as well as the pitch register of the north which differs from the south. Each of these elements is an indicator of the type of song. Whether to celebrate a success at school or to support a family in mourning, important moments, people, animals … creation. There is a song for every occasion.

The beat of the drum is the beating of the heart of the earth…

Would you like to learn a little more? If you wish to learn more about the protocol surrounding the Drum, the singers and the songs, come and meet us!

Red Tail Spirit, along with Daraa Tribes, will offer workshops and participatory performances during their participation in the Festival des traditions du monde de Sherbrooke.

Daraa Tribes

Tribal Fusion & Saharan Blues

Photography : Sarah Hickson

Balkhir Razgui – Lead Vocals/Lead Percussion
Rachid Berazougui – Lead Guitar
Mustapha Aqermim – Rhythm Guitar
Abdelkebir Saadi – Bass Guitar
Hafid Ami – Percussion

Daraa Tribes are one of the happy winners of the 2018 World Music (HIBA Foundation).

Daraa Tribes’ music captures with one col­lective voice the cultural diversity of their region, celebrating and bringing to the fore­ground the peace and tolerance as cultivat­ed by the many tribes living in the Drâa River Valley.

Their influences include Ali Farka Toure and Tinariwen of Mali as well as the musicians in their families and respective tribes who have passed down their musical heritage for centuries.

Daraa Tribes released their two-track EP Alwan in December of 2016, with music videos produced by French label In Ze Box for “Raoud” and “Lila”.

The premier single “Yogi Biha” from their debut album Igharman was released in November 2017. The album will be released in full in 2018 through In Ze Box.

Igharman, “Villages”, is an expression of the tribal diversity and soundscapes that lie within the villages spread throughout the oases of the Drâa River Valley.

Le Festival des traditions du monde de Sherbrooke

The Festival des traditions du monde de Sherbrooke will hold its 21st edition from August 8 to 12, 2018 at Parc Quintal. The FTMS offers a journey across all continents in music, dance, gastronomy, crafts, and more.

Find out more about the Festival des traditions du monde de Sherbrooke

Small World Music Festival

Small World’s signature program is renowned for its eclectic mix of artists from around the globe and around the corner representing the state-of-the-art in global sounds. The programming is informed by the notion of ‘intersections’ – connecting communities, juxtaposing traditional and cutting-edge forms, looking to the past and the future of culturally diverse music.

This year’s Small World Festival is inspired by and celebrates the 30th anniversary of WOMAD, which took place at the same venue. The world’s most influential global music event – a World of Music Art and Dance – was founded by Peter Gabriel and became a landmark event during its tenure at Harbourfront. The ear-opening inspiration it provided led directly to the formation of Small World Music. Three decades on, we explore this legacy and how it resonates in multicultural 21st Century Toronto.

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