The Na-Me-Res Annual Traditional pow-wow was held on June 23 at Fort York Historical site in Toronto. People from all over were present for this event which keeps on growing every year.

Despite the morning rain, we started the celebrations at 5:30 am by participating in the sunrise ceremony. We were about thirty on the site to attend the ceremony, one of the oldest traditions of First Nations culture, which is a tribute to the day that was beginning.

The ceremony was followed by the pow-wow, where everyone was invited to join in the celebrations during the round dance broadcast live n the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN).

Photos © 2018 Nathalie Lévesque

Did Toronto beat the record for the biggest round dance that day?

The day ended with the Aboriginal Arts Festival and APTN’s national show.

From Winnipeg to Toronto via Ottawa, we had the pleasure of seeing our friends from Shauit’s group, an Innu artist from Maliotenam, Quebec, as well as discovering new artists.

Photos © 2018 Nathalie Lévesque